What: Enviro Bloggers Meetup
When: October 11th 2008
Time: 14:00
Where: Obz Cafe
115 Lower Main, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925

This event is open to all Green bloggers in Cape Town, Images and invites are posted on flickr so its easy to post to your blog.
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Facebook Invite Link and accompanying group.

We might have a tree-planting session, if you know of a school or farm where we can do this, please chime in!
Thanks everyone!

RSVP here, if you'll be there:
Rory www.carbonsmart.com
Juliana www.globalvoicesonline.org http://twitter.com/GlobalVoicesEnv
Ray www.rayotec.com
Dax www.relax-with-dax.co.za
Glen www.urbansprout.co.za
Wanda www.urbansprout.co.za
Cecile www.2ndw0rld.blogspot.com
Candice aspirantlocavore.wordpress.com
Raffaella www.greenflavour.blogspot.com
Tracy http://www.capetownoracle.co.za http://www.ecostreet.com

*Ian http://greenman.co.za - Would love to be there, it's 2 minutes from where I live, but unfortunately can't make it